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The Effect Rage has had on Fans...

"Listening to Rage Against the Machine made me realize that the system sucks." - email from: "22082"

"I am one of the kids out in the sea of people they got to - and when I raised my fist in the air, I meant it. Alot of my friends didn't buy it, but I am standing up for what I believe in, and learning more about the rest of the world and my sheltered life. I thank rage for my freedom." - email from an anonymous fan.

Political Concerns
  • Paddy Walsh: Dissertation for American Studies: Politics and Pop Culture
    Paddy Walsh is a student at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, England, studying American Studies. For his final year, he wrote a dissertation on the relationship between politics and popular culture, and Rage is a recurring example throughout the paper. Read the entire thing here.
  • A 19 year old Mayor

    To whom this may concern,

    I am a 19 year old student at Illinois State University located in Normal Illinois and I am trying to make a difference.� I am tyring to show students how easy it is to make a difference in politics.� We as a collective group can vote our representitives of our choice and of our idealologies.� All we need are three major things; one would be a candidate, the second would be voters, and the third and most important is media support.� Well, I have already thought of two solutions to those three major dilemas.� The first would be the candidate, well how else to the message across to young people than having one of thier peers expressing the importance of the issue.� The second thing we need is voters.� In Normal Illinois there are close to 40,000 residents and 20,000 students are enrolled in the University.� The only thing that I am missing is the support.� I have asked close friends to help start this campaign but many believe it is too much of a dream.� Those are the people I want to convince that it is not a dream and that it is only a small step away that our young society is so capable of.� Electing a 19 year old mayor is not my main goal, my main goal is to show theses people how we can change the way we are treated and governed as young adults.� We dont have enough good examples of young people making a difference in America.� We need to get that message across and only that message.� We dont need 19 year old mayors we just need our peers to understand the way our government can be completely changed in the upset of one political election.

    I am very serious about this goal, I repeat, a goal not a dream because dreams are not reality, but this is.� I have a lot of work to do so thank you for your time and if you would be so kind to send some sort of response back to me by phone or by e-mail (309-451-3954 or [email protected]).

    I was inspired this morning by my professor and it is now 7:25pm and I am already putting together a campaign team and sending e-mails and letters to rock bands and TV stations to get this message across, if you would be able to help in any way I would greatly appreciate it.� This is not a joke, this is what I believe, and I would like to inspire just one more person by getting this message across nationwide and not only locally.� I need all the help I can get.

    Thank you,
    Bryan Gentile

  • A Brief Description of the Communist Manifesto by Robert

    Readers note: Read this with an open mind. You may agree or disagree with these statements. I am merely giving a brief description of the Communis Manifesto.

    Mankind�s social and political development evolves in stages. First stage started thousands of years ago when the human race were made up of hunters and gatherers. Groups of families lived together in small villages. They had a simple political system. Whoever was the strongest and toughest would be the chief. After more technological advances occurred, like farming, cities were built and a new system was needed.

    Stage two began when feudal states began to emerge. The people who worked the land paid tribute and loyalty to their lords. And lords paid tribute to higher lords who were above them in social class. Thus, more social classes began to be seen. After a while knights began to pledge loyalty to too many other vassals that the system began to corrupt itself. At the same time the bourgeoisie, middle class made up of businessmen, began to appear. As for people working the land they began to revolt against their overlords for centuries. The working class, "proletariat", demanded for democracy. So monarchy, a moderate form of government towards a democracy, was installed for the working class. Eventually the proletariat class wanted more and more representation in which finally created democracy.

    Democracy is usually where all landowners have the right to opinion and the basis of how the government is ran. With the high class made up of nobles dissolved, a new high class stood up in their place, the "capitalists". Capitalists are the wealthy individuals who have the proletariat class work for them. Marx believed that money or capital was just the amount of labor given off by a worker. After a while the working class felt it was being exploited so they wanted equality, the destruction of all classes that are walls of a prison. After the industrial revolution people like Marx began to speak out against the exploitation of workers and thus the theory of communism was put in thought. Although, this theory has been around since the early Greeks by people known as "materialists" it was now that a authentic manifesto was made.

    Remember all social reforms are in stages. Marxism is after "socialism" that leads to "communism". After communism evolves into a Marxist utopian society the social classes will be destroyed and replaced by one class. Everyone will be equal and everyone will own everything. The workers that work the industry decide on what to produce. I think this is impossible in my opinion. It�s in human nature that the amount of money is paid to who deserves it. Is it fair if I am a custodian get paid the same amount as someone who is a rocket scientist?

    My quote on social development in a Marxist fashion: "Mankind evolves from a simple tribal villager into a industrial communist in social developed stages ."

    Archives of Fans' Political Rants: Rage-Related Commentary
  • Bombtrack Manifest - by by Viktor Johansson

    A track as lethal as an atomic bomb and as rythmic as the ticking sound of a timebomb. A timebomb set to blow at the chorus. An effective device in the fight against the machine.

    A relentless bombtrack that detonates despite your expensive suit, your fancy title and your high position. A track to blow you and everything you stand for away. Your capitalist dynasty will go up in flames.

    Killing in the name of God, killing in the name of Jesus, killing in the name of Ku Klux Klan. White hoods to hide your faces, white dresses to hide your identities. You justify your actions by claiming your on a mission from God, that your doing Gods work. But face it, there is no God, no superior race, no black or white, there is only humanity. But you�re not included.

    Knowledge is power, but what we are tought is not knowledge, therefor we don�t have any power. That�s the teachers lesson plan. The perfect plan to make us all become slaves. Enslaved by ignorance.

    But no more, no more one-sided stories and no more lies. We gotta regain knowledge and we gotta take the power back. We�ll find the second page and the truth with it.

    The world in my mind is like the world outside. Complicated, almost incomprehensible. If I understand my mind, I�ll understand the world. If I don�t get my mind straight, I�ll settle for nothing. But if I get my mind straight, I�ll get the world straight. But if I can�t get the world straight, I�m not settling for anything� Ah my mind is a mess and so is the world.

    They load the clip in Omnicolor and they fire at the primetime. They are the mass mind rapers. They shoot you in the head during the gameshows and talkshows. You got a bullet in the head. A bullet recieving the signals and commands they send out. A bullet that�s is making you numb, making you dumb, making you do what they want you to. They say jump and you say how high. You�re being mind raped, you�re braindead you have a bullet in your head.

    In order to defeat them, you�ve got to know your enemies. Learn their every move, their schemes and routines. You�ve got to know their characteristics and you�ve got to know their weaknesses. And when you know your enemy, make your move, against assimilation, submission, ignorance, hypocrisy, brutality, the elite. All of which are American dreams.

    Everything isn�t always what it seem to be, the truth isn�t always the truth, the history isn�t always history. There are cover-ups and conspiracies going on all the time. Politicians vomit lies every time they open their mouth. Trust no one. Wake up and open your eyes. Wake up and behold the lies. Wake up and find the truth. Wake up.

    A mind full of rage. A fistful of steel. Desperation is what this world brings. This world is like a malfunctioning machine and we are all cogs against our will. We have no choice but to stay in our place. We have to rebell against this machine and build a new one, with ourselves. We can be the cogs in the new machine. A machine with no controller and no operator. A mechanism of freedom.

    Inspired by the gunshots from a township rebellion I kick up, not down. I rebel against those who think they own me. I rebell against those who turned me into a slave. I�m not gonna stand on a silent platform. I�ll make noise, I�ll shout and yell. Something about silence make me sick, so I�m drowning it by screaming Fuck you I won�t do what you tell me, Our freedom or your life and All hell can�t stop us now.

    Freedom is priceless taken but freedom is worthless bought.

  • Gary Bauer Apologizes to RATM - satiracle article by unassociated press [[email protected]]

    WASHINGTON- Trying to gain some last minute support from America's youth, Gary Bauer made an official apology to the members of "the very cool and right-on band, The Machine Rages On".� After this desperate and pathetic cry for help the conservative presidential candidate, Bauer, resigned from the U.S. presidential race in an attempt to redeem himself.� Bauer stated that his withdrawal was due to a number of personal flaws including ignorance, narrow mindedness, stubbornness, and the notorious oh-shit-i've-got-my-foot-in-my-mouth syndrome (from which Bauer suffered tremendously). Although disappointed that he would no longer be receiving checks from the Rock for Life, Fundamentalist Christian, and Censor America organizations, Bauer concluded that he needed time to "reconstruct his public image" so that next time around "more Americans will buy into it."� Bauer says he will study the tactics of his successful colleagues such as Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr. When asked to comment on the weakness of his campaign, Bauer immediately answered, " I was a fool to think the American people would want to be represented by such an unaware, dogmatic person such as myself."� Bauer continued, "However, lord knows I'll be back again with some more help from my close, personal, rich friends in Washington."� On that note Bauer announced he would be taking some time off to "recuperate and relax". Bauer then boarded his private jet with long time lover, Richard Simmons, for a year long vacation in Indonesia.

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