Rage Against the Machine Fans Speak!

  • Aaron Moulton on the raping of Indigenous culture:

    This is Aaron Moulton. I am a Maliseet from Tobique first nation, and I think that the government is trying to destroy the native people and our culture. They put us on reservations, and took our land, now our language is going. What the fuck do they expect us to do? Just sit around and watch our culture just disappear right in front of our eyes? I think that we can change all that if we try. This has all been happening since 1492 when the white settlers came to North America. Don't take me wrong -- I ain't racist, I'm just speaking out for my people, and i would like to eliminate all this bullshit. We have to fight to get ahead and save our culture. I am a great [Rage] fan, and I will continue to speak my peace.

  • Lara on the male/female situation:

    i am a music fan. i enjoy going to rock shows. i am female, and once ejoyed the idea that maybe feminists everywhere were achieving something, maybe we had broken through and could finally see eye to eye on important issues with men. then i woke up and realized, this cannot be accomplished without full mature view of what happens to women when they get raped, molested, herrassed. Of course you know im gonna use woodstock as a good example. An innocent little thing like crowd surfing becomes a sick display of mangling hands and over zealous males. abusing these young women in front of everyones eyes. in front of the band performings eyes. how often do they speak out? how often does the victim kick the abusers ass? very rarely. i have to ask why.

    the issue of womens rights is an old one, but that does not mean the original goal has been accomplished. it is not so much the wrongdoer that i am addressing here, but the victim, and the girls who giggle when grabbed my men or co-erced by men to disrobe etc. you are adding fuel to the fire. if there are girls reading this who have not seriousley opened there eyes, and looked around to see, for example, the sad display of kiddie-porn rolling stone magazine divulged when they had brittney spears on the cover.

    the fact that ive never seen a fully clothed woman on the cover of that magazine, guitar calenders, or motercycle magazines with images of naked women wrapped around the product. the fact that noone EVER notices. why doesnt anyone notice? I have more questions: why do little 4 year old girls need to wear little girl makeup? why are they still making toy guns? doesnt that seem sick? the list goes on and on, i urge you to make a stand if not for yourself for the next victim. dont get me wrong, i am NOT blaming you for getting abused, I am however, blaming you for not taking action against it.

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