Rage Against the Machine Fans Speak!

Emmanuel Flores:

Hello, My name is Emmanuel Flores, I am from a small conservative town called Bayard, New Mexico, I am 17 and play the guitar. Rage Against the Machine has more of an affect than any band I've ever listened too. The only band that can come close to them in affecting me is Offspring, and that was some time ago. Tom Morello's music has inspired me to play the guitar, to keep practicing, to get better. It may seem silly to many, and many may share this same dream, but I wish to some day play live onstage with Tom Morello. He is my greatest influence.

Zack De LaRocha's lyrics are hard hitting and provoke thought in any listener. If it weren't for his lyrics and ways of thought, then I would likely be yet another clone, chugging along until I died. It is great to know that some one out there is not afraid to come out with hard hitting lyrics, and not fear what people will think. I respect Zack more than any man alive.

Rage Against the Machine is the best fucking band in the world. I am glad they are not sell outs like so many other bands out there... they are the only 'real' band out there with a meaning, with a mission... not some pitter crap band who don't play their own instruments. Rage Rocks!

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