Rage Against the Machine Reviews

Review of "RageTV" on MTV, 11/2/99
By Seth Leibowitz

Outside of the famed Viacom Building in Times Square, the line was already forming. It was real cold outside as I joined the throngs of Rage fans eager to get into the building and see their favorite band perform to what would be a crowd of about 50. After an hour and a half of numb feet and cups of coffee, we were herded like cattle inside to the Studio. It was a real small studio. The stage was already set up with the black-starred drum kit and the amps esconsed in the Che Guevera flags.

The crowd was restless but civil (except for this pimply faced annoying little boy who just screamed the whole time and irked me a great deal) Finally 5pm hit and the boys got on stage. A few minutes earlier the director prepped the crowd saying, "Listen kids, this isn't a club. Have fun, but just don't get too crazy." Please... that is like asking Howard Stern to stop talking about strippers and butts. The crowd erupted as Tom broke into the opening chords of "Guerrilla Radio" and it was quite a scene seeing the band perform in such a small place. I hung back (with Dave Grohl believe it or not) as the band performed the first single to perfect execution.

Afterwards I made my way to the side stage were Tom, Brad and Tim sat with Carson to answer some questions. During the commercial break, I heard Tom mumbling something about "Mr. Eisner". He had to be referring to the new ABC studio that was just built across the street in Times Square. Talk about adding to the advertising eyesore. They showed some clips from the Mexico City show along with an informative documentary that Zack produced and narrated. It touched on the students rebelling down in Mexico about the cost of education. Did you know that tuition for college jumped from 2 cents to 150 dollars?? For the past 197 days students have seized control of Mexico's largest university and have shut down almost all facilities. Student protest at it's best.

As Tom blessed the crowd with a small guitar clinic, I saw Zack walk in and talk with some people in the back of the studio. They say Bob Marley held a presence about him. I honestly believe this man does the same. He is a preacher, and one can't help but become mesmerized by him as he hits the stage. Bulls On Parade followed suit and downright tore the roof off the sucka (thanks George). Zack got hold of a Mumia poster and held it into the camera a few times. Some kid jumped on stage, did a backflip and then swan-dove back into the crowd. I don't think MTV studios will ever be the same......

On one final note. I met this lovely girl (er...woman) who I must get in touch with again. She had red ponytails and sat next to me on those beanbags during TRL. I was wearing the Professional shirt by Serial Killer. If you happen to read it. Please email me at [email protected] I kick myself for not getting your number...

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