Rage Against the Machine Fans Speak!

Felix Ward IV:

I first heard the song "Freedom" on MTV. At first I didnt like it, but I also didn't notice the words running across the bottom of the screen. The second time I saw it, I read the words, and I realized the video was about Indians killing FBI agents, at that point I realized that this was the greatest video ever.

A few years later I saw a friend of mine sing "Killing in the name of" in a small club.

All I wanted to do when I was a kid was join the military and go to war and die.

I finally saw through that bullshit just in time.  I became a common criminal and did drugs.  Maybe it wasnt the best choice to make, but looking at the alternative now, I think I made the right decision.  Rage Against the Machine has been the only sound voice when I think of education today. School is pushed on the youth so hard, so I quote "The teacher stands in front of the class but the lesson plan he cant recall, the students perceive the lies bouncing off every fucking wall..."   Look at life now, people graduate from that college, and they work for Burger King?!  But if you know how to play video games reallly good, you can get a good paying job (from an American point of view.)

I gave up my life years ago,  but I crawled out of a hole, what keeps me going is knowing that I can break at least one law a day.   That I am still alive and still standing, I will keep trying, I will keep fighting.  If I was dead, in prison, or a police officer, or in the military, what good would I be doing?  Must seize the day, because I know if I was on Death Row because I wasn't given a fair trial, I would be thinking about if I was free, all the shit I wish would do to the system and the corporations. I think Rage Against the Machine is on the right path because they know that our minds can break down walls.

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