Rage Against the Machine Fans Speak!

Well, I'm back from the Nashville show.  It was amazing!  The booth we ran turned out to be very successful (especially after Zack dedicated 'Freedom' to Mumia Abu-Jamal), and we got a lot of signatures asking for a new trial.  We also got over $100.00 in donations, which will go to help fund our future projects.

Rage's show was incredible, and while it didn't deviate from their typical setlist that much, we did get to hear them play the "Roll Right (Remix)" and an extended version of "Sleep Now in the Fire."

Afterwards Tom came out to thank us for doing the booth.  He took pictures with us and signed some autographs, including one with a little note dedicated to the Boone 'Refuse & Resist.'  I got Tom to sign my 'Bullet in the Head (Remix)' 12" promo, and my 'PotS' 10" ("IN SOLIDARITY, TOM MORELLO).  I noted to Tom that on the 'BitH (Remix)', Tim wasn't credited with the bass, as Michael Goldstone was (Tim was listed as the 'A&R' guy).  Tom said that it was a real long story.  I thanked him for giving me the opportunity to come to the show, and he said that he was incredibly thankful that we were able to come."

On our way out we ran into Zack, who introduced himself to us (as if we didn't know who he was already!).  Zack asked the 3 of us how we ended up getting involved in 'R&R', and we told him that the three of us had driven to Philadelphia the weekend after Mumia's death warrant was signed to attend the massive demonstration, and then we went to the even more massive 'School of the Americas' rally in Columbus, GA.  After attending both of those, the national 'R&R' headquarters in NY, NY contacted us and offered us the tickets.  Zack said that the 'School of the Americas' was something he had followed for quite a while.  He also said that he liked my shirt (a Chiapas Media Project t-shirt).  Just then, one of their massive (and boy do I mean massive!) body guards came and told us to squeeze in for a picture, took it, and then told Zack that the busses were waiting.  We bid Zack farewell, and began our 7 hour trip back home.

It was an AMAZING night to say the least.

ian mance

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