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I was a Junior in High school, when I had a friend that wouldn't stop playing Rages first album. Evil Empire came out when I was turning 17 and I bought it for my husband who was my boyfriend at that point. I always loved the lyrics, music and Zacks real yet terrifing voice. I have emmence respect for Zack, Tom, Tim and Brad.They are not just teachers, they are involved. Zacks words are meant to be heard, so listen up.


Recently I've been taking at look at my life and how little I do. There was a link from the song Freedom to a Leonard Peltier page, my husband found it and bought the book "My Life Is My Sundance". Having read it I have immediatly involved myself. Amazing how little we know about our own country. Amazing how we can complain about Burnt Toast, and little insignificant problems when we are free and an innocent man sits in jail. He's not just innocent he's remarkable. A wonderful man who is deprived of normal life.

Those of you who know nothing of what I talk about please read "My Life Is My Sundance" by Leonard Peltier. Or write for info to:

Leonard Peltier Defense Commitee
P.O. Box 583
Lawrence KS 66044

Or just look up his name on your search engine, there are a lot of Free Leonard pages.

Next time you listen to Rage, Pay Attention you might learn something. Other causes to look into:

  • EZLN
  • F.A.I.R.
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