Rage Against the Machine Fans Speak!

Andreas Back:

One wonderful summernight about two years ago I came home with two CDs by a group that I had never heard before, but my friend that lend them to me said they were great.

"We'll just have to see about that!", I thought, and sat down and listened to the CD with the burning monk. I listened to the first song...and were caught. My smile just widened and widened for each song and each lyrical assault. These were guys with the exact same opinions I had!

I had always been a bit left-wing, interested in Marx and that sort of thing. Alas, there were still plenty of ignorance needed to be breached, and RATM managed to do that. I started to study subjects that were presented in the songs and my political stance changed accordingly. Today, I am active in a socialist youth organization, and I feel that I have gotten a quite clear view on how the world is like, a view pretty much different from the one I had before listening to RATM.

To me, RATM isn't just about funky rhymes and groovy guitar sounds, it's a movement, a hip hoping political tank encouraging people to think for themselves instead of letting themselves being indoctrinated by the established "truths".

As you can imagine, RATM has had a significant role in changing my view of the world. Thanks.

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