Rage Against the Machine Fans Speak!

  • Mark Wilkinson:

    I grew up in a modest conservative Christian family.  You know, going to church 2 or 3 times a week, learning how "evil" everyone else was and how America is the "greatest" thing every to happen to human kind.

    In about 9th grade I started realizing a lot of things.  First off, my  new Brother-in-law played Rage's first album in his car when we were on our way somewhere.  I listened, and thought it sounded pretty damn good.  So, when I got back home after the wedding and everything, I bought their self-titled album (1995).  I know it had already been out for 3 years.  After listening to the album over and over, I soon  became so into it, that I used to write down all the lyrics from memory in class.  I didn't know what they meant but I still wrote them all down.  When I finally figured out that they had a lot of stuff about them on the internet at this time (not nearly what they have  now) I found a really good F.A.Q. page.  The page went through every song and every lyric giving the best explanation possible.  This all hit me REAL hard, because at the time I was really right-wing.  I even started reading some of the suggested material that came on the CD book of Evil Empire.  Then like a lightning bolt EVERYTHING hit me.  I felt like I was born again, like I had another chance at life.  And I looked at everything differently from then on.  At church I  began to question all their political motives and lessons, they soon grew angry at my knowledge of things that they thought no one knew about.  My room was covered with Che Guevara posters, and every Rage poster I could find.  I read everything I could on Che and Marxism, Socialism and so on.  At school, I began to stand up for myself, I stopped letting all the preps push me around.  And I won't deny that the anger in every Rage song helped.  And to those kids that I mention at my school who came up to me in my senior year to talk about Rage with me or politics, you can go to hell.  Your all a bunch of  preppy white-wannabe Rage fans who doesn't know one thing about EZLN or Che.

    Now I am a Sophomore at the University of Houston, and I am involved in the local Socialist Movement here.  Every thursday we sell books at school, usually on Che Guevara, Malcolm X, Worker's rights, and so forth.  I guess I'll end with saying that finding Rage and introducing it to my only friend in Highschool, who turned out to be even more Radical than me, was the best thing that ever happened to BOTH of us.  Nothing in the world when it comes to music compares with Rage, because of their unique sound and meaning.  And no matter how hard those rich upper-class preps try, they'll never be true RAGE fans. 

    We have our own Revolutionary page at http://www.geocities.com/la_rouge67 And the Rage concert I went to here last December was the best thing I've ever been too in my life.  I screamed so hard on almost every song, I thought I would have a heart attack.  I hope they make 10 more albums, because they've never made a song that I couldn't listen to all day over and over.

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