Rage Against the Machine Fans Speak!

  • Rob ([email protected]:

    To all RATM fans,

    As we all know, thepowerful have been exploiting the powerless for ages. Dictators, Kings, Queens, elected officials and, most of all, those with financial power. Since there is no greater finan- cial power than Wall St., it stands to reason that the US capital- ist system is the greatest offender of modern times. It is NOT alone, however, because European nations and these peoples own shameful and complicitous governments are also guilty of opportunistic abuses. Well, finally, more and more of the veil of media misrepresentation and peoples apathy is being lifted, and true heroes like Rage, are getting their point across. I have written about the plight of a group of indigenous/natives called the "Garifuna", or the Black Caribe. They are a coastal people of Honduras who are being system- atically, illegally, immorally and at times violently from their rightful lands by US -led "business interests" with the seeming bless- ing of their "government". I have written to Rolling Stone magazine, over 150 congress reps and 50 senators (with scant reply-what a shock! the president and, of course, Rage Against the Machine. I hope to in- volve them in this somehow, someway. Their position of high profile and fan base is unequalled in political/social movements, and it will help these people, and similar ones such as them (Chiapas) through out the world. I urge all fellow Rage fans to find out all about the Garifuna of Honduras (and any other indigenous/native people in a similar situation) and band together, hopefully with Rage, to keep bringing these plights to light and put a stop to them-here and a- broad!

    I recommend to all of you the book "Disposable People" by Kevin Bales, which tells all about the effect of the new "global economy" on various powerless peoples the world over. And you better believe the "land of the free" is involved"

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