Rage Against the Machine Fans Speak!


I got my first Rage cd, "Battle of L.A." sometime before the year 2000.  Before I bought it I knew about their political views and I also had listened to some songs already.  I am more of a Conservative Christian than a person with Marxist point of views, but I thought their message and music was unbelievable.  The song "Testify" made me think more about how the enemy is from within and that we should immediately put them on trial for their crimes.  My most favorite of all songs is "War Within a Breath" it made me feel the emotions of oppression and being stuck along with others in tyranny.  Being cheated by the rich that exploit the proletariat class and own sweat shops in poor countries, and every official that comes in hurting the working class by crippling them, taking their money and leaving them destitute.  Man, this song reminds me of the IRS that everyone has to take shit from.  I thank Rage for introducing me to the organization U.N.I.T.E., and to other ant-sweatshop organizations.  They thought me to educate myself, find the facts, and to share the truth with others. 

Now a days everything is corrupted.  I can't believe how many uneducated people go to my school.  Their parents are also ignorant.  I live in a high class suburb and I believe I am a part of the lower middle class thanks to my four brothers' and sister's mouths to feed.  In my suburb I see how people are kept down.  My peers make fun of the proletariat working class, like the custodians at my school or the factory worker that lives in the next town.  I am probably one of the only good people along with maybe a hundred or less at my school.

To other fans:  Always buy non-sweatshop made gear.  Converse makes awesome shoes for a cheap price in wide varieties of colors.

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