Rage Against the Machine Fans Speak!

I went to the autograph signing at Tower Records in Boston with Wolpdawg. It was incredible for me too.  You can feel a kind of bond with all of the other hardcore Rage fans there.  After about four or five hours of waiting on an extremely cold  Boston sidewalk, we reached the room where Brad, Tom, Tim, and Zack were signing.  It was amazing.

About a month later Wolpdawg, another one of our friends, and I went to Rage's concert in Worcester, MA.  Those two nights were probably the most incredible nights of my life so far.  At The Drive In opened, and then Gangstarr rapped and got the crowd wild.  After that hundreds and hundreds of fans all rushed the security.  It was one hell of an atmosphere.  Eventually, Rage came out and played about 15 or 16 songs.  It was great.  I didn't think they could be any better in concert than in their albums, but they were.

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