Rage Against the Machine Fans Speak!

  • James on "Rock for Life's" anti-Rage article:

    I'm a little disgusted that horrible information like what you put up on Rage Against the Machine spawns from my own county.  Being that it's upper middle class suburbia I think your views have been twisted by this.  Rage Against the Machine does not hate Christians or promote violence.  They try to get their listeners to simply think critically and not swallow everything they are fed.  They promote equal rights and justice for everyone.  As unfortunate as it may be the government and the people who run it are corrupt and although not all cops are bad there are the ones that abuse their power and this is the problem.  This country was founded by raping, murdering, and taking the Indians  land.  Then we made them sign treaties that were signed by the few and did not represent the views of the whole tribe. Rage stands up for those who don't have voices, those who haven't quite been fortunate enough to grow up in Aquia Harbor and have three meals a day and a big screen t.v.  Here's the problem with abortion.  You seem to have no problem believing that killing a fetus is wrong yet while in the womb they are not even scientifically living.  They are more like viruses dependent on the mother.  You object to this yet you have no objection to the "growing" and killing of hundreds of thousands of animals to feed you.  You could be using your influence for such good yet you only direct it at a minor issue.  In the end it should be the mothers choice.  If she decides to have an abortion let that moral decision lie on her shoulders.

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