Rage Against the Machine Fans Speak!

David Nanuway in Toronto

Even though my meeting with RATM was in November, I have just discovered this forum and hence my lateness in posting. I was one of a fortunate few who attended the Toronto, special promotional show held at the Phoneix club. I was also very fortunate to be on the Sony guestlist. After the absolutely brilliant show, I ventured upstairs to a private area to get myself a drink, not thinking that the members would be sticking around. Within about five minutes I spotted Zack, at that time hardly anyone recognized him as he had his hooded sweatshirt on, we chatted for a few moments and then I got him to sign a $20 bill for me over the Queens head, he took great pleasure in that, although not as much as me, being a British born Indian never an "Englishman" though, whose parents country was raped under imperialism. P.S. Brad signed a Fiver for me (Its all I had left!)

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