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  • Civil Liberties by Dan:

    Just a quick note on Civil Liberties, or more the lack of or even decline of personal freedoms and increased governmental control on day to day life. Please forgive the fact that this is information relevant to the U.K, but I am sure it is the same if not worse in the U.S. If you have ever read 1984 by George Orwell (Highly recommended) then you may think the society seen in the book is nothing like what we experience in todays western society, but governments are adding bill after bill after act after act which are leading us straight into this orwellian society.

    There are now over 240'000 CCTV cameras in Britain, that's one for every 240 citizens and numbers are increasing on a daily basis. If the growth in the amount of cameras continue to grow at this rate it is only a number of years before the cameras outnumber citizens, who knows what after that, telescreens?? Some people reading this may think that these cameras are a good thing, but it is these cameras that help enforce the crazy laws the home office dream up. There is no evidence to suggest that they lower crime, and if they do at best higher prosecutions we all know that the legal system is a shambles, and if you go to jail you come out with a criminal record, can't get a job and turn back to crime.

    There are many other issues such as "Echelon" which was denied by the British and U.S governments but now admitted by Australia. "Echelon" is a global sattelite system which intercepts an astonishing 90% of all emails and faxes. It was set up by international governments to prevent terrorism etc. Like all measures that limit our freedom, this is basically a measure to preserve capitalism. This really has to be stopped, the police and governments are becoming too powerful and any state with this technology at their disposal would have no problem in setting up an even more oppressive authoritarian police state, just imagine the extreme right came to power it would be impossible to set up a resistance they would know exactly what you are doing. I wish I had time to list more of these opponents of freedom but instead would like to direct you to privacy international @ http://www.privacy.org . I urge everyone who values freedom to join a revolutionary civil liberties or anarcho syndicalist organisation. WE NEED DIRECT ACTION NOW.


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