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  • Response to 'Situation in Chiapas'

    This email is in response to the fan who does not believe in the Zapatista cause or in the effectiveness of Subcommander Marcos' strategies. I have studied the natives in Mexico from the colonial period to today. The Mexican government's usual response to revolts and even unions is to send the military in and destroy them. By putting the plight of the Chiapanecos in the national spotlight, the EZLN has prevented the Mexican government from doing this as well as made their cause known around the world. The government in Mexico is extremely corrupt right now and the lives of native people are only getting worse ESPECIALLY with the repeal of Article 27 as a precursor to NAFTA. It is impossible to deny that the EZLN has worked wonders in making the plight of indigenous people known throughout the world. We should all continue to put pressure on the Mexican government to and the United States government to let them know that we will not tolerate the exploitation of native people and their lands.

    Violet Lone
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