Rage Against the Machine Fans Speak!


Greetings to all RATM fans over the world,

(as you my notice my english is not so good as it was in school) My name's Robin and I was born 19 years ago and I live in a country called Belgium (centre of Europe).I've been a RATM fan since I was 15 or 16 and I think I'd have to thank my sister for giving me that good old black Maxwell cassette.This cassette (copy from RATM's first album) is one of my most valuable possessions right now.When I went to our local party's in Lennik I heard 'Killing in the name of' every time they played a little rock music.As a 16 year old boy I was punching and pushing my way through the crowd that was dancing (Pow wow or something like that).This song has become one of my favorites and still is.

I had the honour to see concert of RATM at the yearly Torhout/Werchter festival in Belgium (I think 3 years ago).It was my second time I went to a festival and it will always be a great youth memory seeing Rage on the stage! You know when they played 'Killing in the name of' I totally freaked out !!!.I asked somebody to give me a push and then I took off. As I was crowd-surfing (during the lyrics :'fuck you I won't do what you tell me') the adrenaline streamed through my veins (I almost had the feeling to come) and I screamed out loud 'FUCK YOU I WON'T DO WHAT YA TELL ME'.Then a security guy graped me and took me out my flight (Damn you).Anyway this is my story of I did I got to know RATM.When I was listening to the songs those guys produce I said to myself 'They're right ,those guys sing the truth'.Our system here in Belgium is also fucked up like every system in the world (I believe).Maybe you heard about our poisoned Coca Cola or our Dioxine chickens and shall I speak about all the corrupt politicians here,no because they're all pigs! Money money money is the only thing these people are interested in.But let me tell you one thing money isn't everything in this world.Zack if you read this would you like to do me a favour? Rage is coming to Brussels the 30th of january and I have an important message for all the people( It would be nice to dedicate this for the Belgian people).I read this somewhere on a Greenpeace t-shirt "Only after the last tree has been cut down,only after the last fish has been poisoned,only after the last bear has been shot.Only then people will know money can not be eaten." I find this very beautiful (I think it's not the exact quote but memory is short). Hopefully I will see you Rage fans in Brussels because 'I've got stupid exams again!!!' Why do we have to take exams,why do we have to pay taxes,why do we have to be good always, why why why?

!!!You know what fuck you all !!!!

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