Rage Against the Machine Fans Speak!

Eric Nell:

The first time I heard Rage was in 7th grade at my friend Drew's house. I was just starting to get into music and rage had a sound I had never heard before.  So that night I borrowed my friends Rage cd and listened to the whole Album that night.  At first I coud'nt really understand a lot of the lyrics that Zack was singing, but I loved the sound. The next day I went to my friends' house again and listened to Evil Empire.   Again I was blown away by their sound.  So, that night I gathered as much money as I could find to go out the next day and buy a Rage cd. At first my parents wouldn't let me buy it because it had a parental advisory sticker on it.  But eventually my Mom cracked and let me buy it.  It was probably one of the best things she has ever done for me. After a while I started memorizing the lyrics, and realizing Rages' message.  It definatly woke me up to alot of things I was unaware of. >From then on I started thinking more politicly.  If I saw an injustice because of race at school or something, I would try and stop it.  Today I try and explain all of Rages' messages to my parents, and anyone else who will listen.  After three years I got to see Rage in concert.  My Dad and I went to Woodstock '99 for the experience and because Rage was playing there. The concert was great, but what was even greater was that rage stayed in my hotel.  I met the band, and all of them are really nice.  Anyway, Rage has been a huge influence on my life, and I think we all need to spread their message, because, "When ignorance reigns, life is lost."

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