Rage Against the Machine Fans Speak!


Middle school was a time for rebellion for me, and anything that had a parental advisory sticker was game in my book.  When some of my friends mentioned a CD called "Rage Against the Machine," I figured the name in itself would suffice.  But needless to say despite all my rebellious years I'm still listening to Rage Against the Machine.  Mainly because while all the other bands I listen to I grow tired of, Rage continues on their path of integrity in their song writing.  While other bands fade out, die out, or change for the worse, Rage's change, if any, are always for the better.  They continue to fight for worthy causes, even today in this capitolism-dominated world.

As a member of a band myself, I try not to emulate, but to convey the pure emotion that portrays itself as Rage Against the Machine.  Our style is different, but Rage has influenced us in many ways.  For instance, we now play benefit shows for different but just was worthy causes such as the prevention of child abuse and the animal protection league.  Opening for national bands is always a highlight for our band, but it is our dream to open for Rage Against the Machine.  I myself, at least, consider opening for the past national bands as a "warm-up" to opening for Rage.  Although I know there are no official dates as of now, I can't help but check the tour dates section in hope every few days.  When I watch the RATM video, I can always count on it to get me motivated before a show watching 250,000 people jumping up and down to the sound of one band.  Of course the lyrics by Zack are always taken to heart, but the hard, slicing sounds emitting from Tom Morello's Marshall support every word.  Not to mention his intricate solos.

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