Rage Against the Machine Fans Speak!

Brent Wegscheid

Hello to all,

I first heard Rage when I was in 11th grade on a road trip to the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota. My friend popped the self titled CD into my truck's stereo and I just couldn't get enough. We listened to that damn CD for probably three hours, over and over again. Back then it didn't mean to me what it means today, it was just kick ass music. Now I attend Northern shithole Michigan University (the only reason it is worth being up here is because it has a kick ass art program). I have been here for almost two years now, and my American dream, if it has not dwindled to shit, has definitely changed. The kids up here don't realize all the shit they can get out of higher education if they try. Most of the students up here believe that they come up here for four years, drink as much beer as possible, get as much sex as they can, and then graduate and move on to a successful career (not that there is anything wrong with beer and sex). They just can't comprehend that there parents gave them money so they would get the hell out of their fucking faces. Now to the nitty gritty. The disgrace for intelligence I have seen has made me very cynical. I can't stand the Ambercrombie & Fintch, Ralph Lauren bullshit that goes on, so I try and be the exact oppisite, often pissing off everyone around. For instance, Rage has made my mind go out of control with social and political thinking in the last two months, making me spew forth quote after quote of my political views, built in ways that are sure to anger those around who can no longer condition their minds to think in any other fashion than the daily routines of the popular crowds.

  • Must We Resist To Exist?
  • Is This Capitalism At Its Best?
    ...Both of which are currently displayed on my dorm door in charcoal and chalk, causing people to rub in Nazi on my door and try other means of general harrassment.
  • For Years I Have Screamed In Silence......I Must Be Heard.
    ...I belive I may have heard this one uttered from somewhere else but I'm not sure
  • Shall The Intelligence Of Our Country Be Corrupted By The Stupidity Of Our People?

Take of these what you will, they are my views. I would like to close by thanking Rage for not only what they have inspired my mind to do, but for all they have done for this country, its people, and its ideals.

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