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  • Mohammad Faridi on the suppression of the Native American holocaust:
    Hi, my name is Mohammad Faridi.  I am a student at a High School in New York 
    We learn a lot in school.  We learn about the great American Presidents such 
    as Andrew Jackson (the guy on the $20 bill), we learn about Teddy Roosevelt, 
    we learn about Howard Taft, and all the great American Legends.  There are 2 
    things all these "Great American Legends" have in common.  
    1.     They all believed in Manifest Destiny
    2.     They all were "Great Indian Killers."
    The American Society makes all these people great, and all these people were 
    great because they were "Indian Killers".
    Don't you think it is morally wrong to commit the crime of Genocide?
    Don't you think it is morally wrong to consider Indian Killer a complement?
    No, it is not wrong, because The American Society makes it right.  The 
    American Propogandist make it right.  We think what the want us to think.  We 
    believe what they want us to believe.
    Well, if all this stuff is morally right in the American Society, then Why 
    isn't "Jew Killer" a complement?  Because Genocide is morally wrong and is a 
    crime thats why Hitler is considered wrong.  Hey but Andrew Jackson, and all 
    the American Legends did the same thing, Genocide the Indians.  But Hitler 
    Genocided the Jews but he is a given curse in the Soceity today.  If Andrew 
    Jackson is considered as a hero, then why isn't Hitler considered as a hero?
    Instead Hitler is a better Jew Killer than Andrew Jackson was Indian Killer.  
    But the American Society which is mainly controlled by "Jew Loving 
    Politicians" make it wrong for us to consider Jew killer as a complement and 
    make it right for us to consider Indian Killer as a complement.
    Ques.   How many People died in the Holocaust?
    Ans.     6 million
    Ques.   How many days are spent in High School learing about the Holocaust?
    Ans.     About 1 month.
    Ques.   How many people were killed by the Americans?  (Indian and Slaves)
    Ans.     Over 25 million.
    Ques.   How many days are spent in High School learning abou the 
            killing of Indian and about the Slaves?            
    Ans.     None. 
    We spend one fucking month learning about the Holocaust which only 
    killed 6 million Jews but not spend 1 fucking day learning about the 
    25 million Indians and Slaves killed by the Americans.  Why?  
    Every one knows about the  25 million Indians and Slaves being killed 
    by the Americans but it is not as significant as the 6 million Jews 
    killed in the  Holocaust.
    Standing in Line, 
    Believing the lies,
    you bow down to the flag,
    you got a bullet in your head.
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