Rage Against the Machine Fans Speak!

  • Tiffany Seal:

    The Machine? Our Government. Our Government which holds us, the people, back from our rights as citizens. It holds us back from life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, all of which we were born with the right to obtain. Our Government which holds us down, especially the ones lower on the social "scale". Our Government whom tells us, the people, that this is the land of the free, yet denies and alters every right we supposibly have. Our Government that smiles and lies to our faces. And it's Our Government that has kept an innocent man in jail for almost 30 years, and still there's no proof. Now it's time for us to step out of the silence and take the power back. It's time for us to show OUR Government who's in the real control. It's time for us to show OUR Government that we're not going to sit back and let them ruin innocent peoples lives anymore. It's time for us to show OUR Government who's boss. And it's this paper that's going to tell YOU how you can help save an innocent mans life from rotting in a jail cell.

    Democracy? What exactly does that mean? Does it mean that the Government has full control to throw anyone who doesn't assimilate into a jail cell? Does it mean that they have the full power to do whatever they please, even if it's endangering our lives? Does it mean that they can lie to our faces and do what they initailly wanted to do in the first place without our say? Or does it mean that we have the main source of power to say what we want and how we want to live our lives. There's only a small portion that we know for sure what our government does. How can we even trust that small portion? How many times has our government been deceitful. It's only been no more than 1 year since our own President, the leader and spokesperson, of our country lied to our faces on National Television. How can we give them our trust. How many more times is it going to take before we take the reigns and take some initiative in this Democracy?

    Leonard Peltier. That is the prime example of our Governments deceit. This innocent man stood up for what he believed was right and now he's suffered almost 30 years in jail. On June 26, 1975 two FBI agents allegedly searching for a young Indian accused of stealing a pair of used cowboy boots, followed occupants of a red pick-up truck on the land of Harry and Cecelia Jumping Bull. Their behavior precipitated a shootout in which the agents and a Native American were killed. Within hours of the shootout, according to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, hundreds of paramilitary equipped, combat-clad FBI agents and US Marshals staged a dragnet through the reservation in a fever of revenge in which men, women, and children were terrified and properties and homes were ransacked. There was no investigation into the death of the Native.

    Leonard had been previously identified as one of the leaders of the AIM (American Indian Movement) by the FBI and targeted by their notorious Cointelpro program which "neutralized" people by slander, attack and arrest. There is no evidance that Leonard is guilty and all the evidance on Leonards innocence has been convienently destroyed. Even the FBI has said themselves that there is no credible evidance for Leonard's convictions and still he sits in jail.

    No one deserves treatment like this. That is why more than 55 members of Congress, Amnesty International, 78 world religious leaders (including the Archbishop of Canterbury and Desmond Tutu), the National Conference of Christians and Jews, the National Congress of American Indians, and millions of world citizens have called for a new trial and an investigation into the illegalities of the Peltier case.

    Leonard has had case after case, and denial after denial. It is up to us, the youth of America, to stand up for what's right, even if you're standing alone. Speak up and speak out against the hyprocracies of this pathetic accuse for a Government. Now when Zach sings "freedom", y'all know what he's talking about. It's time to let people out of the shade on this one, and teach them a new light. Help them realize the truths of our country and what's going on today. Help them learn about their history and let them know how its affecting our lives. Help them regocnize that they can make a difference in an innocent mans life. We live so close to the nations capital, we should take advantage of it.

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