Rage Against the Machine Fans Speak!

My name is Xavier Meza and I'm 15 years old.   It was about in '94 or 95' when I heard a bit from Rage Against the Machine from my friend Josh.  At that time I was really into meaningless bands like Offspring and Nirvana.  I was into the way music "Sounded" to my ears.  But when I started listening to Rage a bit more, I stopped listening to bands for sound, but for their message (such as Dead Kennedys AND RAGE of course).  I was amazed by how the lyrics from all the Rage songs had so much power in them and how they all had a message.  I learned so much from Zack;  from his documentaries on the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico, to his lyrics in songs like People of the Sun and Know  Your Enemy.

Well, the reality is, for myself (and others) being "Chicano" (that's Spanish slang for "Mexican"), there is hardly a single person out in the world that represents us, better yet, represents us with PRIDE.  The nearest thing to represent us would be like some Puerto Rican guy that looks like another white dude in MTV and with what I call an "Americanized" name, like Ricky Martin or that Mark Anthony guy.  To put it in other words, you have to be a Latino that has the looks of a good looking white guy to be popular, you can't look like a real Mexican and have a real Mexican name if you want to be famous. 

Things are changing though.  According to reality, Zack does not look like some white Puerto Rican guy with an "Americanized" spanish name and has the pride of having a real Mexican name. Zack de la Rocha is the one and only person that can truly show the world who us Mexicans really are.  He's possibly the only one that can teach the world about our history like Emiliano Zapata and the Zapatistas.  Zack along with Tom, Brad and Tim, will show all their fans and the people around the world who Mexicans really are. 

Just a while back we went to Coachella to see Rage for my first time (thanks to Josh) and I was hit with their message even stronger with their new songs, like Testify and Sleep Now In the Fire.  It was the most awesome thing in my entire life.  After I came back from the concert I felt like if Rage had given me the privilege to kick anyone's ass who talks shit about them and all those people that listen to RAGE because of the way TOM MORELLO plays his guitar AND IGNORE THEIR LYRICS AND MESSAGE.  ALL THE FANS MUST GET THE MESSAGE! I know I am not the only person that feels this way.  But all I have to say and advise for those who don't get Rage's message is to read all of their lyrics from their albums and STUDY THEM GOOD, until you get the message that Zack is trying to give you... THEN you could go on with listening to Tom's guitar riffs, Tim's funky bass lines, and Brad's catchy beats.  That's why Rage Against the Machine is the greatest band that ever lived!

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