Rage Against the Machine Fans Speak!

Kevin in response to the same article:

To whom it may concern:

I got to rock for life from the complete rage against the machine site. Right now you might be thinking, "uh oh, another RATM lover who saw our boycott and decided to mail us about how stupid we are for encouraging abstinence from their music."  Well, you're right.

See, I had no real opinion on the matter because I figured that both sides had equally strong arguements, and I would rather leave the choice to the individual.  But after visiting your website and in light of some recent events, I have still not changed my view, but decided that PRO-LIFE PEOPLE ARE ANNOYING.   They come to my school, force their beliefs on me, and tell us what to listen to.  Listen up, I'm not a big religion fan but I certainely dont force my opinions on other people. But the fact is, religion is one of the major causes of war all over the world.  Thats why Marx decided to exclude religion in his Communist Manifesto.  Whittington, who quotes in your article against RATM, uses his ignorance to push his beliefs on loyal, unsuspecting pro-lifers. "Marx is the author of the most oppressive political regimes in history, Lenin starved millions of his own people and Nietzche's philosophy justified the Nazi Regime."  I don't know too much about Nietzche, but I know Marx promoted equality for women and men, and strove for a peaceful coexistence, commune if you will.  And I also think you have Lenin mistaken for STALIN.  Lenin fled after Stalin took over his regime and banished him from Russia.

Just look at Kosovo.  Christians killing Muslims by the masses because of their different belief.  I don't know about you pro-lifers, but I do know that one of the 10 Commandments is thou shall not kill.  And excuse me if throwing bombs into abortion clinics isnt hypocritical enough. Don't tell me or any of your loyalists what to listen to.  This is AMERICA, and people can listen to what you want.  I think you have Nietzche mistaken for your own organization because your facism shows through on statements like "Tell radio DJ's not to play their music, don't buy their CD's and tell everyone you know to do the same."  Yeah, Heil Rock for Life!  You guys are great.

Don't tell people what to listen to, because I have news for you.  Kids in America think for themselves.  The Fraternal Order of Police tried to dictate what we listen to, and it got them nowhere.  Just because someone believes something that you don't doesn't mean you should try and make them see it "your way" or the "right way."  Look at it from someone who isnt biased either way for once.  I'm still being objective, and its plain to see that your agenda is similar to the agenda of religion.  Masses of people blindly believing and following a blind faith.  I have faith, but I dont have someone telling me what to do or what to believe.

Have a nice day.

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