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December 14

Garth Brooks sees 'Double' stay live at the top (12-14-98.html)

December 5

Metallica No Match for Garth Brooks. (12-5-98.html)

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November 25

Garth Brooks tops One Million albums in 1st week of sales. (11-25-98.html)

November 23

Mom's illness reason for Brooks' new hit. (11-23-98.html)

November 18

Double Live draws crowds to stores across the country. (11-18-98.html)

November 14

Garth Brooks questions projected album sales at Wal-mart. (11-14-98.html)

November 10

Garth Brooks offers Free Concert Live in your back yard. (11-10-98.html)

November 9

EMI expects boffo Brooks biz (11-09-98.html)

November 3

Garth Brooks performs Live Concert for Wal-mart. (11-03-98.html)

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October 22

Garth Brooks gives consumers choice(10-22-98.html)

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September 24

Garth Brooks is voted Entertainer of the Year(9-24-98.html)

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July 23
"Garth Brooks Live From Central Park" Earns Six Emmy Nominations (7-23-98.html)

July 18
Garth Brooks Shatters Venue Records In Las Vegas (7-18-98.html)

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June 10
Garth Brooks Brings Tour to Salt Lake City (6-10-98.html)

June 2
Garth hits another milestone (6-2-98.html)

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May 14
Garth Brooks is ropin' the wind -- and everything else (5-14-98.html)

May 13
Garth Brooks' `The Limited Series' Debuts At #1 (5-13-98.html)

Garth Brooks Joins USO to Honor "The Duke" John Wayne (5-13-981.html)

May 7
Garth Spreads His Wings (5-7-98.html)

May 5
Garth Brooks Honors 4 Millionth Ticket Buyers in Evansville, IN(5-5-98.html)

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April 30
Garth Brooks Stars in Kmart TV Ad Promoting New 'The Limited Series' (4-30-98.html)

April 28
Garth Brooks Sells Out Four Shows in Louisville, Ky. (4-28-98.html)

April 23
Garth Brooks crowned Entertainer of the Year (4-23-98.html)

Apirl 21
Garth Brooks - Friends in Low Places and High Spaces Breaks Record in Lexington, Ky --
Receives Special NASA Presentation (4-21-98.html)

April 20
Garth, Olivia Team up for Cause (4-20-98.html)

April 10
Garth Brooks to be included in Book Dreaming Out Loud (4-10-98.html)

April 9
Garth Brooks to Release Boxed Set 'The Limited Series'(4-9-98.html)

April 7
Garth Brooks to be included on Hope Floats (4-7-98.html)

April 6
Garth Brooks Brings Tour Home, Sells Out Nashville Arena (4-6-98.html)

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March 31
Garth Brooks Sells Out Evansville, Ind. (3-31-98.html)

March 26
Brooks Television Special Wins #1 Ratings (3-26-98.html)

March 25
Letter Of The Law Unites Garth Brooks And Rapper (3-25-981.html)

Garth Brooks and Warren g End Litigation (3-25-98.html)

March 24
Garth Brooks Sells Out Houston's Compaq Center (3-24-98.html)

March 17
Garth Brooks plays Padre for a Day (3-17-98.html)

March 16
Garth Brooks Sells Out Baton Rouge, Plays Ball with the Padres (3-16-98.html)

March 09
Garth Brooks Sells Six Shows In San Antonio (3-09-98.html)

March 02
Garth Brooks sells out Dean Smith Center (3-02-981.html)

Garth Brooks Special Focuses On Ireland (3-02-98.html)

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February 27
Expect ratings in high places for Brooks special (2-27-98.html)

February 26
Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood win a Grammy award (2-26-98.html)

February 23
Garth Brooks breaks Elton John's record in Winston-Salem (2-23-98.html)

February 18
Oprah helps out Garth Brooks (2-18-98.html)

February 17
Garth Brooks extends pledge to Oprah's Angel Network (2-17-98.html)

February 16
Garth Brooks sells out two Concerts in Charlotte, NC and maintains record. (2-16-98.html)

February 10
Garth Brooks Hits No. 1 on Video Charts (2-10-98.html)

February 9
Garth Brooks Visits Oprah in Amarillo; (2-09-98.html)

February 6
Garth Brooks; Ireland and Back (2-06-98.html)

February 5
California Judge Refuses to Dismiss Hip Hop Star Warren G.'s Case Against Garth Brooks (2-05-98.html)

February 4
Garth Brooks to host Saturday Night Live (2-04-981.html)

Garth gives 1 million dollars to Tennessee Zoo (2-04-98.html)

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Januray 29
Garth and Babyface pairing? (1-29-98.html)

January 14
Garth Brooks Settles Plagiarism Suit (1-14-98.html)

January 13
Garth accused of plagiarism (1-13-98.html)

January 13
Garth Thwarts scalpers, makes getting tickets fair to all (1-13-98.html)

January 7
Garth Brook's albums "Sevens" takes a nose dive in sales. (1-07-98.html)

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