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Garth Brooks Double Live Draws Crowds to Record Stores Across the Country

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Nov. 18, 1998--They lined the streets at dawn to be first at the counter. They created record-breaking sell-outs in record-setting time. They sang, they danced, they bonded with others in line with them. No, it wasn't another Garth Brooks live show. It was Garth Brooks Double Live, the CMA Entertainer of the Year's first live album, and the fans rushed to record stores all across the country. Reports are still rolling in but indications are that Double Live had the biggest first day sales of any Garth Brooks record.

The buying frenzy began at midnight and continued throughout the day for Garth Brooks Double Live. In Rockford, Illinois, hundreds of music lovers arrived at Media Play at midnight, grabbing more than 300 copies of the album. The crowd started forming at 5 a.m. at Tower Records in Sacramento, where 400 albums were sold in two hours. A Sam Goody store in Ventura sold all their Garth Brooks Double Live supply in two hours, and made their usual full-day total in dollars in one hour. A Blockbuster Music in Dallas held a Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston promotion in connection with a local R&B station. Garth Brooks Double Live outsold both of them. In Edwardsville, Pennsylvania, fans snapped up more than 1000 copies of the album at Gallery of Sound by 5 p.m. KFRG, a California radio station, asking for canned goods in connection with their Garth Brooks album promotional the Wherehouse, collected more than 8000 pounds of food in 2 hours, and sold out their entire of stock of Double Live at the same time.

``We're hearing incredible reports from stores all across the country that planned for the huge demand of this album, and still couldn't keep their store bins filled. But fans should know that there are plenty of albums out there, and stores are restocking as we speak. Anyone who wants Garth's new album will have no problem finding it,'' says Pat Quigley, President and CEO of Capitol Records in Nashville. ``We believe all stores should be restocked by 6 p.m. Thursday, however since they are limited-edition packages, once they are sold out, they are gone forever.''

Garth Brooks Double Live, a 2-CD set, contains 25 live recordings by Brooks (over 100 minutes of music) including three new singles. While each 2-CD set contains the exact same recordings, the artwork for each package, including the album cover, the booklet photos and special designs on the discs themselves, was retired after a run of 1 million copies. The result is a completely different package for every million copies of the album produced and shipped in the U.S. Each CD booklet also contains a diary of Garth's personal reflections of his career milestones.

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