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Letter Of The Law Unites Garth Brooks And Rapper

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - G is for goodwill -- the kind that has brought country music star Garth Brooks and rapper Warren G together.

The musicians announced Wednesday they have settled their legal dispute over the lower-case "g" logo they both claim as their own.

Warren G, whose real name is Warren Griffin III, had sued Brooks, one of the most successful recording artists in America, last October for trademark violation.

Brooks, who uses a script "g" as his logo said he had learned from the rapper that the letter has a special significance in the black community. "It symbolizes kids and young people who have risen above drugs and violence."

In a joint statement, Brooks and Warren G said they "share these goals. Therefore there was no point to fight about a positive symbol."

It was not immediately known what jazz saxophonist Kenny G thought about the issue.


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