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Garth hits another milestone

Garth Brooks is a phenomenon that lives on and doesn't seem to be fading much.  The Recording Industry of America certified No Fences as hitting the 14 million units sold plateau.

This makes No Fences the all-time best selling country music album.  It maintains Garths prominence as the best selling country music artist of all-time. 

Another sign that is seen is that Garth in fact is finding new audiences.  No Fences was released back in 1990.  His current albums, Sevens and The Limited Series are both selling briskly.  The Limited Series was knocked out of the top spot on the Billboard 200 but still remains the best selling box set of any music genre. 

It looks like Garth has found the right formula for getting the music to the masses.  It's hard to believe that people are buying the Limited Series, which contains No Fences, and buying the original album also.   What Garth has done is brought a new group of country music fans into the genre.

The critics may argue over the method, but the proof is in the sales, and ultimately the music.

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