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Garth Brooks Extends Pledge to Oprah's Angel Network

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Feb. 17, 1998--When Garth Brooks appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on February 9 he pledged to donate his earnings from sales of "Sevens" for the period February 9-16 to Oprah's Angel Network. Donations will go toward funding college scholarships for students in need. Winfrey mentioned the album and the Angel Network project on her show each day last week.

Later in the week, Brooks said he would extend his pledge for each week that sales of the album topped 100,000 units. Well, the numbers are in. In the week following the show, Brooks sold 124,000 copies of "Sevens." Therefore, he will donate his earnings for the current week's sales to the Angel Network as well.

Brooks said, "This is one way we can help students in need. I'm always in favor of anything that furthers education. It's also our way of saying thanks to Oprah and her people for taking such good care of us."


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