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Garth Thwarts scalpers, makes getting tickets fair to all

1-13-97--Bmsnews--Garth Brooks has devised a plan to help thwart scalpers and at the same time make it fair to all to get tickets for his concerts.

The first test of this new plan starts tomorrow, when those of you in the Dallas - Fort Worth area will have a chance to get tickets to his concerts starting on Feb. 13.

Here is how it works, first you will go to a local Ticketmaster outlet and get a numbered wristband, what ever you do, don't try and take it off. Then on the day of the ticket sale, you go to the same ticketmaster outlet and wait for a number to be called, that number will be the first in line for tickets. So, again for you Texas fans, you can get your wristband starting at 9:00 a.m Jan 14, and tickets go on sale on Jan. 17 at 9:00 a.m What ever you do, don't be late for the ticket sale on the 17th or you'll loose your place in line.

Another noteworthy point to the ticket sales is that you can only buy a total of 6 tickets, no more, and if you want to sit in the first 10 rows then you can only get 2 tickets.


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