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California Judge Refuses to Dismiss Hip Hop Star Warren G.'s Case Against Garth Brooks

LOS ANGELES--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Feb. 5, 1998--In a critical decision for the Warren G. vs. Garth Brooks trademark infringement case, the United States District Court in Los Angeles refused to dismiss the case against Garth Brooks and ordered that the trial be held in California, as opposed to Tennessee.

In October of last year, attorneys representing hip hop star Warren G. filed the suit for trademark infringement against Garth Brooks for the use of Warren's trademarked ``G'' in merchandising and advertising materials around Brooks' last tour, including his heavily publicized Central Park concert.

Commented Warren G. attorney, David Cordrey, ``We are happy that the judicial system is quickly moving Warren's case forward here in California, and we are looking forward to a trial in May.''

The trial is set for May 12, 1998.


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