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December 26
Garth Brooks will release his Concert In Central Park Video Jan. 20, 1998 (12-26-97.html)

December 18
Garth Brooks to Perform on People's Choice Awards (12-18-97.html)

December 17
Garth Brooks to Hold Press Conference in Chicago (12-17-97.html)

December 16
Garth Brooks has life special on CMT in Canada (12-16-97.html)

December 10
Tickle Me Garth (12-10-97.html)

December 3
Garth Brooks dubuts at NO. 1 (12-03-97.html)

November 27
Garth Brooks Sevens selling all out all over country (11-27-97.html)

November 21
Garth Brooks Prepares Extensive Media Launch for "Sevens" (11-21-971.html)

Garth Brooks stars in K-mart commercials this weekend (11-21-97.html)

November 17
Garth Brooks MJI Broadcasting to present exclusive Garth Brooks Album Release Special;
"Sevens"; (11-17-97.html)

November 6
Garth Brook's album "Sevens" to be out on November 25, 1997. (11-06-97.html)

November 5
Garth's new album due out sometime in November (11-05-97.html)

October 23
Garth and Sandy want to move from Nashville. (10-23-97.html)

October 17
Garth Brook's attorney responds to Warren G. Lawsuit. (10-17-97.html)

October 5
Garth Brooks blows into Windy City; Sells out 8 shows, and breaks Genesis Record. (10-05-97.html)

September 29
Garth celebrates 3 million with style in Lincoln, Nebraska. (09-29-97.html)

September 25
Garth is nominated Entertainer of the year at the CMA. (09-25-97.html)

August 24
Well Garth's album be out in time for Chritmas? (08-24-97.html)

August 12
Garth Brooks performs free Concert at Central Park (08-12-97.html)

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