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Garth has live special on CMT, Canada Garth Brooks will be doing a live television special Dec. 17 on CMT Canada.

The special "SEVENS" LIVE - AN INTERACTIVE EVENING WITH GARTH BROOKS" will orriginate live from Vancouver, from 7 - 8 pm(PST), 10:00 pm (EST). The show will air live on CMT Canada and you can send your interactive questions from the net at CMT Canada. Garth will be jet-setting accross Canada tomorrow and will end up in Vancouver.

This is CMT Canada's first ever live national telecast. Garth will have a small live audience where he will take their questions as well as those questions submited from the net. As always, this special will feature an acoustic set by the fab one, performing some of the music from his new album, Sevens.

We spoke with CMT yesterday and as of press time there where no plans to air the special in the United States. But as spokesperson, Jama Bowen, put it, anything could change by Wednesday. So for all of you Garth Brooks fans here in the United States, keep your fingers crossed.

Other Garth news: On Saturday night, Dec. 20, you will see Garth on NBC Television as he does a special tribute to his favorite Christmas movie, and actor, It's A Wonderful Life with Jimmie Stewart. Watch BMSNews between now and Wednesday and we will keep you up-to-date on the special airing in the U.S.


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