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Garth Brooks' Sevens Selling Out Across Country

NASHVILLE, Tenn., PRNewswire -- November 27, 1998--From Milwaukee to  Manhattan, Portland to Paducah, thousands of people lined up before sunrise so they could get the new Garth Brooks album, Sevens, as soon as it went on sale yesterday. Retail outlets across the country reported selling out their stock of Sevens within hours, and overnight store reports indicate an estimated 375,000  albums sold on November 25, its first day, based on point of sale scans. What  makes this accomplishment even more astonishing is that only two country albums  in 1997 have posted sales over 200,000 in their first week.  

"Garth Brooks' Sevens provided the largest first-day sales ever in the history of  the Handleman Company," says that company's Senior Vice President, Jerry  Adams. The Handleman Company is the country's largest supplier of music, video  and software to retail stores, including Kmart, Wal-Mart, Shopco, Meijer and  many others. A typical scenario of the day occurred in a Milwaukee suburb,  when radio station WMIL broadcast their evening show from the Exclusive  Company store. Hundreds of people were lined up at midnight, when the store  started selling the album. An hour later they were sold out. "This event shows that  Garth continues to be bigger than life. This album couldn't have come at a more  opportune time," says Kerry Wolfe, Operations Manager at WMIL.  

Brooks' success at the stores was repeated on the charts. He beat his own record  this week when twelve of the fourteen tracks from his Sevens album reached the  Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. That is the most tracks from a  single album on one chart. The previous record was eight charted singles, set in  1995 by Brooks' Fresh Horses album.  

The charted tracks are: "Longneck Bottle," "Two Pina Coladas," "Cowboy  Cadillac," "Take The Keys To My Heart," "How You Ever Gonna Know," "She's  Gonna Make It," "Do What You Gotta Do," "Belleau Wood," "You Move Me,"  "A Friend To Me," "I Don't Have To Wonder" and "In Another's Eyes," his duet  with Trisha Yearwood.  

Early reviews of Sevens call it the best effort of Brooks' career, noting the variety  and depth of the 14-song collection. The Los Angeles Times said the album is "his  strongest collection to date," and USA Today described it as "the best of his  seven albums" and gave it three and a half stars out of four. "The first time you  listen to the album, you notice how good some of the songs are," says Quigley.  "The second time you listen, you realize how good all the songs are."  

The first 777,777 CD copies of Sevens are collectible, marked on the CD and  booklet as first editions. Several cities have already sold out their limited supply of  the first edition.  

Brooks is the best-selling solo artist in U.S. music history, with over 62 million  albums sold. He's also the fastest-selling album artist in RIAA history and one of  the industry's most awarded. He set attendance records at his free Central Park  concert in August, and the HBO live telecast of that concert was seen by 15  million people. 


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