Born to James and Virginia Grohl, along with 3 year older sister Lisa, Dave was brought up in a divorced home. While living in Springfield VA, his parents seperated and he was raised from then on by his mother, a highschool english teacher.

Dave, much like Kurt and Chris, took to music at a very young age. He spent a few years taking guitar lessons, but lost interest in them and decided to play with local bands doing cover songs instead of formally learing. Seeing a performance by the new-wave 80s group The B52's, he got drawn towards the genre and away from the classic rock style he was commonly covering in the bands he played with.

Taking to punk rock in the summer of 1982 following his cousin's lead, Dave fond himself enjoying music more than before. The entire lifestyle that was punk, and the high energy music was an instant attraction and luckily for all of us, it kept it's hold on him.

With the band he played in, Freaky Baby, going through the removal of their drummer and a subsequent shift of the lineup, Dave ended up behind the drumset and they began to play fast hardcore punk. The name of the band eventually even became simply, Fast. After they disbanded in 1986 Dave went on to play in another band called Dain Bramage, which he was still in when he auditioned to be the new drummer for a favorite band of his, Scream. After a few months of playing with his band after that audition, Dave landed behind the drumset of Scream.

Touring with Scream around the US landed Dave in many situations, including playing shows with the Melvins, and even crossing paths with Kurt and Chris a few times. After the abrupt parting of Scream's bass player from the tour, Dave found himself stranded in L.A. and called Buzz Osborne, who put him in touch with the pair in seattle after they remarked about liking the drummer at the Scream show. A few days and a flight later, Dave was picked up in Seattle by the two.

Moving in with Chris and Shelli, Dave spent time seeing shows in the Seattle and Tacoma areas, and eventually replaced the then current drummer of the band, Dan Peters.

Today, Dave is playing for FooFighters.


*These informations are from inutero.com.

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