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August 31. T'was me birthday three days ago so I'm just recovering from my bout of birthdayness. I've been concentrating on making a new site for another band recently, so sorry if the updates seem few and far between. The reason for this update is to tell you that the next chat session will be this Sunday ( 2nd September ) at 10pm GMT. Ciao!

August 27. Wahay! The new message board is up and running for your discussion pleasure. Sorry this about the 4th or 5th message board that I've got for you guys but I think this one is the permanent one. But I said that last time. . .

August 25. I've updated song of the week so this week it's The Dambuilders "Teenage Loser Anthem". Not much of an update I know but I'll also tell you that the new message board is apparently coming very soon!

August 20. You may have been experiencing quite a few problems with the site in the past few days. In fact, I don't think it has been working at all! Even though I don't know what was actually wrong, I'm sure the problem is fixed as the site loads on my computer, and hopefully on yours too. That's all I've got to say for now, so ciao.

August 18. Have just got back from a cool gigging weekend having seen Idlewild ( and also got 2 copies of their autographs, wahay! ) and saw Aereogramme twice ( once supporting Idlewild in Aberdeen, and a headline gig in Inverness ). But Enough about me. The song of the week has been set as Aereogramme's "Fuel To Burn" ( though they may appear as song of the week again very shortly as the new album's coming out next month ). The winners of the Sunna giveaway have been announced on the Sunna.co.uk Message Board ( which makes me unhappy as a pie in a fat man's hand 'cause I didn't win anything ). But nevermind, scans and audio files would be greatly appreciated ( if you could send me a tape of it to do the audio files with I'll be well chuffed ). Anyways, that's all from me, have fun folks, have fun.

August 14. I've fixed the broken link to Ian's e-mail address on the 'contact' page and I've also updated the discography with info and images about the One Minute Science promo ( in cardboard sleeve ) courtesy of Muhammed Hassan ( subhumanfreak@aol.com ).

August 11. I've made the new script for "Song Of The Week" and I've also added a new song which this week is Biffy Clyro's "27". I have also only just found out that Richie's site is up and running so I have bunged it up on the links page for you all to enjoy. It contains his new material which is pretty damn good so make your way there now!

August 10. Have added new links to 4 more Sunna Yahoo! Clubs!!! Some of which I didn't even know were hanging around but 2 of them are brand new, bringing the grand total of Yahoo! Clubs to 5! The new code for the "Song Of The Week" feature will be going up shortly ( possibly even in a matter of hours ) and the new message board will be coming along very shortly as well.

August 6. Have updates the 'news' page concerning Sunna's nomination at this year's Kerrang! awards and I've also added a new address to the 'contacts' page ( Ian's new public e-mail address ). Will also make new script for the 'Song Of The Week' thing and I'll also have to add a new song.

August 6. Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I was away at a Scottish music festival ( yes, I know, Scottish music sucks, but I was performing, and it was free, see my point? ). Anyway, I've come back with five tabs ( I'm Not Trading, two Power Struggle's, O.D. and Grape ) courtesy of Muhammed Hassan ( subhumanfreak@aol.com )and Monty ( 19broadoak@clara.co.uk ). I also notice that the Song Of The Week thing isn't working through Netscape so I'm gonna change that in just a moment. That's all folks!

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