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June 28. Aha! Thought I'd died or something didn't you? Aah well, I'm back with a few more updates. Firstly, I've added a wee bit in the news about Richie and what he's up to etc. I've also finally added a pic of Kipper's site on the links page ( soz Kip! ). The mailing list will also be shutting down soon due to ListBot being shutting down an' all, but all addresses already signed up will be bunged on a new mailing list. I'll also change the signup process for it etc. to the new one once I set it up. That's all for now. Byeeeeeee!

June 19. Sorry I've been away so long guys, but no worries, here I am! Fresh with a new complete One Conditioning guitar tab that I've taken from MXTabs.net. In fact, that's probably all I've got to comment on at the moment. I've also added a wee tracker statistics thingimy-bob on the index page so I know where you're coming from and when. That's about all for now. Ciao!

June 12. Have now added small screenshots of every page on the 'links' page ( apart from one, sorry Kip! ) so that you can get a small idea of how brill these people have designed their sites. You may also have noticed the groovy scrollbars, cool eh? Audio files of Richie's side project may also be going up sometime soon ( despite the fact that Richie has now left ). That'll be all for now. Toodleoo!

June 09. Have removed festival dates from the 'live' page and I have also removed Richie's Sunna site from the links page as it will be coming down soon. I will add a link to Richiemills.com once I find out what it's all about. Ciao!

June 03. Have added some quite depressing news on the 'news' page concerning the rumour of Richie leaving. I will also be going on a sorta school holiday thing on Monday but I should be back for updates on Friday.

June 02. Have added nine new live images to the collection ( all from Sunna.co.uk ). Have also bunged the May updates on a different page. As for the "Richie leaving the band" thing, I'm still unsure myself but I'm sure some official news will come soon as there are strong rumours supporting this. I have e-amiled Richie and should find out soon.

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