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February 28. Just posting a wee message for all those people who have e-mailed me thinking that I am a member of Sunna. Basically, I'm not. Great, that's set that record straight, now, it seems that not many of you have signed up for the mailing list but it'll carry on anyway for the few that have actually joined. There also may be a problem with the sign up thing, if you experience this problem, send a blank e-mail to sunna-subscribe@listbot.com. Sorry about the 3 day delay but I've spent the last three days ( apart from being in school ) making my counter-strike clan website - Clan [T42]. If you haven't got a clue what I'm talking about, ignore me. Still awaiting I'm Not Trading promo scans and I think the live Sunna files are now a lost cause. Lastly, just thought I'd let you know I might be working with Neal Harrison to ( try to ) bring Sunna guitar, bass and drum tabs to this site. That's all for now, cya!

February 25. Whay! Overdose now has a brand spanking new mailing list for you to join and enjoy. I'll be postin' site updates to it while the rest of you can have a good ol' chin wag about all the latest Sunna happenin's. See the 'mailing lists' page for details. Enjoy!

February 24. As you may have noticed, I've now changed the option buttons so that the whole button changes colour on mouseover. Have changed the RealVideo links to the 'I'm Not Trading' vid to the vids hosted on Melankolic ( dunno why! But I did it anyway! ). Have also added a nice wee story about this page on the 'information' page. Still waiting for the live audio files and the I'm Not Trading promo scans. Some of my mates at school only found about this page on Friday! Pah, the buggers!

February 21. Not much updates today. Have now made a form on the contacts page to contact me and I will also have the I'm Not Trading promo discography info and scans up soon. Whatever did happen to those live Sunna audio files? Nobody knows. Ciao!

February 19. Have added an interview from a pull-out in Kerrang! and have also scanned it which you can see here. Check out the 'press cuttings' page for the interview. Have also swapped the MPEG version of the I'm Not Trading vid with The-Raft.com's .MOV versions. Think that's all for today, see ya soon!

February 18. Have now added the I'm Not Trading promo video available to view in Real Video format at 28k, 56k and ISDN quality. See the 'videos' page of the 'multimedia' section to view it. Have also added 12 screenshots of the vid. Check out the 'screenshot images' page of the 'images' page of the 'multimedia' section.

February 18. Have put the new European tour dates up. See 'live' for more details. As for the I'm Not Trading vids, I'm just about to upload them so keep yer hat on!

February 17. Have now changed my e-mail address to sunna@nme.com. This is for all my e-mails coming from actual people as my talk21.com address handles all the stuff that I've signed up for but you'll still be able to contact me on my talk21.com address but I'd prefer my NME one please! I will also have the I'm Not Trading video in RealVideo format for you to watch probably tomorrow ( thanks to Sara of Burning The Wrong Sensation!!! ).

February 17. Have updated news concerning the broadcast of the live acoustic session on XFM this month. I should be able able to egt it recorded for the site but I ain't promisin' anythin'! Just one catch, you must either have Sky Digital, live in London or have a digital radio to hear it through standard radio thingmy, but if, like me, you live outside London, click here to listen to XFM live.

February 15. Have added an interview by Death2music.co.uk with questions answered by Richie Mills. Not too sure if I will have these live sound files up soon but keep yer fingers crossed! Cya!

February 13. Have now changed Richie's contact address as his e-mail has changed because he's not using the lineone.net addy anymore ( don't know why ) but this could have something to do with him possibly taking over sunna.co.uk. Also, I can tell you that I should have live sound files soon from when Sunna played the Liverpool Lomax last November. Ciao!

February 11. Have taken off the Iroquois Stealth Pilots banners basically because 1. The guy couldn't be arsed to put my banner on his site and 2. It suddenly dawned on me that this was a Sunna site, not a site carrying stupid banners for other bands.

February 11. Have updated 'news' concerning the ( supposed ) confirmed release date of I'm Not Trading. As this piece of news came from Richie's site I trust that this is pretty accurate info.

February 9. Have updated news concerning the 'I'm Not Trading' on MTV2 in the US. You may have also noticed the 'On The Hilltops' banners on the main page and on the links page. This is sorta a banner exchange thing to get the new LA band the Iroquois Stealth Pilots more publicity in the UK and to get Sunna more publicity in the states.

February 8. I know how long all of you Sunna fans have been waiting for a chat server, well you need wait no more! Overdose finally has an active chat room. Just click on the chat option on the main page, enter your username and click 'connect now'. To organise chat sessions, just post a message on the message board and we'll try and be there.

February 7. Have put white borders on all the pics that don't have white borders on them, apart from the discography pics and made some of the thumbnails smaller. Also thought you'd like to know that I get a long weekend off school this week so I might be able to work alot more on this site. That's about all in the way of updates. Cya!

February 7. Have now uploaded the One Minute Science Real Audio files which are only 1 minute long as I said before. To listen to them, check out the 'audio' page of the 'multimedia' section. Cheers.

February 6. You may have noticed a longer background loading time this time. This is because I have added a larger area of grey so that my site can also support users who use a 1024 x 768 resolution. I have also made 1 minute Real Audio files of all the songs on the album and plan to put them up soon, maybe even today. I've made them only 1 minute so that I won't get in too much trouble If I breach any copyright laws. Cya!

February 5. Whay! Have now finished the Overdose Message Board. Click here to access it or click on the 'message board' option on the main page. The code is actually supposed to be used for a guestbook but works just as well as a message board. No username or password required!

February 5. Just thought I'd let everyone know I'm working on a new message board so you don't have to put in a username or password or even sign up for that matter! It should be finished very soon and will be up in the next few days ( or maybe even up today, fingers crossed! ). If you're wondering what's gonna happen to the old message board, well basically I'm getting rid of it, so there's your answer. Have also added two more screenshot pics, but they actually have bees in them this time! Take a look at the 'images' section of the 'multimedia' page to see them. Ciao!

February 4. Have updated news concerning the tracklisting for Sunna's new single 'I'm Not Trading'. See 'news' for more details.

February 4. Have set the multimedia options in a table so that the page doesn't look so empty. For anyone still wondering what's happening with the UK tour, I think my dates are pretty much correct, but then again, who knows?

February 3. Whay! The new Overdose site layout is complete for your viewing pleasure. It contains just the same information but ( I think ) the layout looks alot better. If you hadn't seen the last three updates that I posted, I had added the pictures of the 'I'm Not Trading' video shoot and the pics from NME.com. I'd also added a link to the webcast of the NME Night on the 'video' section of the 'multimedia' page. I'd also added the news story about the jail incident before the NME Night, click here to view it.


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