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March 30. Have added the just-announced UK tour dates for Sunna's next tour in May. But arrrrrrrrrgh! The aren't playing Aberdeen and Glasgow King Tut's rarely let's in under 18s so I'm basically buggered. But anyhoo, you can see the dates on the 'live' page. I should also have one minute sound files of all the tracks from One Minute Science up soon when I get my copy of the album which'll probably be next week.

March 29. Have bunged up Windows Media files of the b-sides so those withour Realplayer aren't stuck without Sunna. I've also updated the 'news' page concerning a 16 date UK tour in the works.

March 28. Have now bunged all the february updates on a different page and have made changes to the contacts page so that the boxes are no longer the boring white colour but are black, with a white border and white text. I've also updated the 'news' page about a rumoured Sunna gig in London.

March 24. Have added some news about a short film using Power Struggle in it's soundtrack which is viewable at this site. Enjoy!

March 22. Have added some more I'm Not Trading promo info but this time for the UK version of the promo ( I wish there weren't so many promos! ). See the 'discography' page for info. Still awaiting message board and some of you may notice on the current message board, I accidently deleted about the last 10 entries, whoops!

March 21. Hooray! This site has now had over 1,000 visitors and the weekly number is set to top over 100 ( which'll be the most I've ever had!!! ). Just thought I'd mention that and that and I may be introducing Windows Media Player sound files as well as the Real Audio ones for those without Real Player. Message board should be coming soon ( I hope ). That's all for now. Cya!

March 20. Have added a link to the new Sunna fansite 'I'm Not Trading'. See the 'links' page for more details. I'll also soon be introducing a new message board which doesn't show the whole message like the present one but has a title for each message which you click on like normal ones. Don't think you'll need a username or password for this one either.

March 19. Have now bunged the UK tour in the 'old live' section of the 'live' page and have also added Music Fan Clubs logos and Macromusic banners around the site so you can buy some Sunna gear from them :).

March 18. Have updated 'news' concerning Sunna's new single I'm Not Trading's new entry in this weeks UK chart.

March 17. Have now uploaded the I'm Not Trading scans and the b-sides. See 'audio' and 'discography' pages for details.

March 17. As you may have noticed, I have ( again ) changed server but this time I've left redirecting pages so you still end up here. I should have the I'm Not Trading scans up later today and I should have the RealAudio files of the b-sides up then as well. Cya all!

March 13. Have updated news concerning an injury to Ian ( arrrrgh! ) but I'll tell you now that no gigs so far have been cancelled and it looks like none will be. Also, I'm ordering my copy of I'm Not Trading tomorrow so I don't need anyone to send me scans anymore, I'll be able to do them meself :).

March 12. Just a small note to say I've updated the 'news' page just sayin' I'm Not Trading was released today. If you've got a scanner and some free time, I wouldnae mind stealin' a few scans off ya as I live in such a remote area to buy Sunna gear. Just e-mail me and I'll tell ya what I need. XFM still have not replied so I think the acoustic set is a lost cause. I may also be moving servers again in the next few days ( or maybe even weeks! ) but the .cjb.net URL will still work and a redirect URL will be bunged up on every page in this server but that may not happen for a while yet so I'll inform you when it does happen. Ciao for now!

March 07. Have updated news and live concerning another UK date ( played in April after the European tour ). That's all-diddly-all for now. Ciao!

March 05. Sorry for the lack of updates ( I'm such a lazy sod! ). Just a wee message to say I'm still alive and I'm really sorry but I missed the acoustic set on XFM last Wednesday. I'll see if XFM have it recorded so I can bung a link up. I think the mailing list is working fine ( it's just there's still not many people that have actually joined! ). Have bunged up details of the 'I'm Not Trading' promo and a scan of the cover. See 'discography' for details. ( Cheers to Jack a.k.a. Dizzo. P.S. Your name's in the credits section of the info page! ).I think that about wraps things up. Cya soon!

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