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April 29. Have now created a new message board as the old one lacked any cool stuff and was pretty boring with all the posts being listed on one whole page. Enjoy the new message board, and as before, no username or password required! You may have also noticed the Boduum banner on the main page. This is part of a new banner exchange with boduum.co.uk.

April 24. Whoah, sorry for being away for so long guys! I've been working on another site which has taken up alot of my time and my 3rd year exams are comin' up soon so it's alot revisin'. Just a wee note to say I'm still here and a I've put a wee notice on the news page about Sunna bein' on MTV Five Night stand last night thingy. Cya!

April 18. Have now added two Sunna interviews from MTV.co.uk which can be seen on the video section of the multimedia page of this site. You can also view 7% and One Conditioning, both taken from Sunna's performance at MTV's Five Night Stand which is also viewable on the video page. Cya!

April 16. Sorry about the lack of updates everyone. I need to get my arse in gear and update this site more often! I've updated the news page concerning the use of one of Sunna's tracks on a new compilation album. I've also bunged up the supports for Sunna's forthcoming tour in May on the live page. That's about all for now, catch you next time!

April 12. Have now created a new message board which shows just the title of the message instead of the whole damn thing. It is also possible for you to be informed when someone has replied to one of your threads. And like before, no username or password required!

April 10. Have updated both the news and live pages due to Sunna's newly announced festival appearances and the rescheduling of the Newcastle University gig.

April 10. Have added three more tabs today, all courtesy of Neal Harrison. They are Preoccupation guitar tab ( Incomplete ), Power Struggle guitar tab ( Complete ) and Insanity Pulse bass tab ( Complete ). Check out the tabs section to view them. I've also put Neal's name in the credit's section of the info page for all he has contributed to the site.

April 09. Have now added a new tablature section! Although there may not be many tabs on it, I'm hoping that some of you guys may submit some tabs so that this site will have tabs for the whole of One Minute Science!

April 08. Sorry about the lack of updates everyone but things have been a bit hectic and nothing much has come up. I've bunged the European tour in the old live section of the live page and I've also put all the Macrh 2001 updates on a seperate page. That's all for now methinks. P.S. Don't forget the chat session tonight!

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