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May 31. Have changed the link for the message board for the new one. Might organise another chat session soon as we haven't had one in a while. I'm also starting to learn Flash which might take a while, but I'll warn you now ;¬). That's all I have to say for now. Ciao!

May 28. Have added 1 minute clips of the whole of One Minute Science which you can listen to on the 'audio' page. Still haven't heard from MTV.co.uk and don't think I ever will!!! Still trying to get the new message board sorted out. I know you guys will be groaning that a new message board is on the way, but this should be the real one as it is owned by the host people of this site - MusicFanClubs.org. That's all I have to say for the mo. L8er!

May 27. Have now added a new wallpaper of the Overdose background for you to use ;¬). New 1 minute clips of the album songs in Windows Media format will be coming soon. Have also added a bit o' news on the news page about when Sunna will be heading for the studios to record the new album. That'll be all for now. Ciao!

May 18. Shit, sorry guys. I've been doing alot at school lately and it seems I've abandoned the page for a bit. But no worries, I'm back to annoy you all! I've now put the most recent UK tour and the gig with Papa Roach in the 'old live' section of the 'live' page. That message board may be on its way sometime soon so keep your eyes glued here for updates! MTV still haven't got back to me and it looks like they never will. Aah well. May also be adding new exclusive Overdose wallpapers! ( Not that you'll ever use them ) ;¬).

May 09. Have now uploaded new image windows so now the images open in a new window instead of a new page, thus making quicker downloads! I've also done this with the audio files, simply to make them harder to steal from the site. If you want to use the files, throw me some mail and I'll see what I can do. There's also a new message board on the way ( I know, like the 4th one since the start of this year ) but anyone who wants the present one is welcome to have it. New message board should be up tonight, if not, tomorrow. Cheers!

May 07. Have added a scan of the UK I'm Not Trading promo CD. Still haven't heard from MTV.co.uk about the whole Five Night Stand thing ( and it looks like I never will ) and I've been touching up the information page. But anyhoo, I'm sure all of you people have much more important things to think about ;). I've also created a new message board but I forgot to say anything about it in this updates section of mine, whoops!

May 01. Not that you would have noticed, but I've reduced all the option image sizes so that they only take a fraction of a second to load, even with the slowest of modems. I've also bunged all the April updates on a seperate page to prevent the page getting to packed up. I've also e-mailed MTV.co.uk to see if I can get the whole of the Five Night Stand sent to me for site purposes.

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