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Blurring the Edges

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It Don't Get Better
Wash My Hands

What Would Happen
Written by M. Brooks
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Picture from What Would Happen video
  • People do get rather attached to their fantasies. Real relationships with real people are much more fulfilling (but also much more work).

  • Who's lust is this about anyway? Could be his. Could be hers. Maybe both. Perhaps all of these at different times?

  • "Ring on my finger/ You're such a moral moral man/ You throw it away." Amazing how people who profess to have such high moral standards nevertheless will pursue someone who's already married. Does that make them hypocritical evil people, or just human beings who are subject to normal human lusts?

  • In our fantasies, people are just so perfect, in whatever way we choose to define perfect. But what of it? There will never be a real person who will actually be perfect.

  • Our expectations of people can be so very high at first. And it's not a bad thing to assume the best. Just don't be so surprised when you start learning their shortcomings. It doesn't mean they are bad people; it just means they're human.

  • Sooner or later, absolutely EVERYONE will disappoint us. It's quite unavoidable.

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