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Blurring the Edges

I Need
My Little Town
What Would Happen
It Don't Get Better
Wash My Hands

Watched You Fall
Written by M. Brooks, C. Ward
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  • Contributed by Andrea Tung:
    • "This song is based on a friend Meredith lost through an overdose of drugs and how she wishes she was there.
    • " 'It's such a weary feeling/ when you've been stealing from yourself/ wishing the world away/ blaming someone else'
      Every time you blame somebody else for something you've done it's neglecting yourself (as in stealing from yourself), and denying yourself of learning and evolving.
    • " 'No one can do this for you... take all the pain inside you/ wash it away'
      No one can help you if you don't help yourself, even if they give it to you up front. If you're not there to listen, then no one can help you until you decide that you need to change. Learning is voluntary. You learn because you want to."

  • We're responsible for ourselves. It's easy to blame others and our circumstances, but it takes a lot to do something positive about it.

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