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Blurring the Edges

I Need
Watched You Fall
My Little Town
What Would Happen
It Don't Get Better
Wash My Hands

Written by M. Brooks, S. Peiken
Sound Clip RealAudio 3.0+

Picture from Bitch video
  • This is such a cheerful song. It starts from a depressing place "I hate the world today" and carries the listener to a very happy state "I wouldn't want it any other way!" It's very hard to still be depressed by the time the song ends!

  • After all the time we've spent condemning ourselves for the "negative" parts of ourselves, it turns out our various moods actually add depth and make us more complete. What a revelation!

  • Meredith is trying to perform "semantic realignment" to change the world's perception of the word "bitch". Instead of condemning the less pleasant parts of ourselves, let's honour each of those many parts instead.

  • "To me, Bitch is not just a song, it's a revelation. After listening to this song it got me thinking; I'm many different people inside. I'm sure you can relate. People picture you one way and when you show your other sides to them, they freak out!" Andrea Tung (Meredith Brooks Blurs the Edges)

  • A key concept is acceptance, from several angles. There is accepting all the parts of yourself, and the hope others will accept you as you are. The other side of this coin is accepting others. In the video, note the variety of people having fun together at the end, all nationalities and religions. That "bitch" side of us comes in handy for those times we need to say "no" to demands on our time, but it sure gets in the way of accepting others in the way we'd like to be accepted by them! So why are we this way and why can't we seem to change?

  • "The season's already changin'"
    Changing seasons can be moods, but can also be changing phases in life. It's good to lose the rigidity in life enough to allow for developing as a person. Change the focus from time to time:
    • Surround yourself with people at times; then take some time alone to reflect;
    • Try a totally different theme in clothing for a season;
    • Try another musical genre; or maybe even silence for a while.

      Put all the extremes together, and the end result is balance!

  • "When my friends show their ugly sides to me, I'm almost honored."   Bjork

  • There's something good in every mood and feeling. Look for it and learn from it.

  • Bitch reminds of girl I know fairly well. We have a platonic relationship though I must admit I have pretty strong romantic feelings for her, while she considers me as being one of her best friends. Normally she is this soft and very spiritual "angel" and then when we go out for example and she has had a few drinks she changes into this other person the "bitch". Thus when I listen to this song I feel as it were her talking to me. She is a difficult act to follow, or maybe is it that I am not "strong enough" a man?     - Raj

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