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Blurring the Edges

I Need
Watched You Fall
My Little Town
What Would Happen
It Don't Get Better
Wash My Hands

Written by M. Brooks, S. Peiken
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  • Meredith was always called "Pollyanne" as a nick name. It's based on that Disney movie with Hayley Mills (out in the 50's, I think) called "Pollyanna." She always played the glad game and tried to find the best in people. Meredith was/is like that. The song is about having that Pollyanna-ish attitude even when the people around you are trying to drag you down.     - Heather

  • Optimism is a choice. "Fist up in the air/ mine used to be up there". It seems she has reacted negatively to things in the past, but has now opted to believe in love anyway. Right. We can just react "tit for tat" to all the negative things in life, or make the choice to be positive. Lofty words, but it's a good idea.

  • There's nothing special about being negative and dark. There are no special awards for excellence in negativism.

  • It takes a lot of character to be positive and optimistic. Do we really want to impress people with our lack of character? Think about it.

  • I thought she was basically telling her boyfriend off.   "Here we go again same old argument..."
    "You don't have to shout to be heard..."
    "Fist up in the air..."
    "Use the fuck word I can too..."
    I just got the impression that it was a song about a past relationship in which she was verbally or physically abused, and this was her way of defending herself. Maybe I totally misinterpreted the object of the person she is talking to. As I reread the lyrics I see that she might be talking to a person labeling her as a Pollyanna, but I still think my theory has some merit.     - Brad

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