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Blurring the Edges

I Need
Watched You Fall
My Little Town
What Would Happen
It Don't Get Better
Wash My Hands

Written by M. Brooks, L. Dvoskin
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  • "Bad days are always going to come. I think that they come to remind you of what you have, so you can appreciate the good days. We have both good days and bad days to keep everything balanced." Andrea Tung

  • "Somedays are better than lovers"
    There's a parallel between days being different from one to another, and how people can be different (have different moods) at times.

  • If we know bad days will come, maybe we won't be as shocked when they do happen. They have to happen sooner or later, so why not just take the bad days in stride.

  • People normally cycle through various states over the day, or day to day. There are times when we accomplish a lot (a "state of flow"). However, we just can't handle that place all the time. There's a time for everything, including a time when things don't go well. Such is this complex thing called life.

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