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        Rant and Rave. So many of us wish that we could do it, and have it make some sort of difference. I'm going to do that right here, but I don't want to make a "difference" per se. I want you to know what my relationship with Marcy Playground has meant to me and why this page is here.

        Maybe you have noticed by now that this page is bright, using the colors that symbolizes America to many people. I believe that Marcy is a "Bright" band and do not deserve the darkness that a site with a black background gives them. To me a dark site gives a connotation of a metal band, which Marcy is not.

        John, Dan and Dylan are some of the nicest individuals in the entertainment industry and I feel odd projecting a cloud of darkness over their bright attitudes. They are indeed "as American as apple pie."

        Before this past January 1998 I had seen the guys on two separate occasions. Each time I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours of quality time with them. But it wasn't until this past January when I made a connection on a different level with Marcy Playground.

        Sometimes people don't remember that what Dan, Dylan, John and their crew do is a job. It is a careful balancing act between work, play and living life as a human being. I feel that this January I lived the life of a band member of sorts, even if only for brief moment in my life. I traveled from New York City to Rochester to Albany. Then back to school in NY. Then up to Northhampton, Mass. Then two nights later it was Providence, RI.

        During this time my roommate and traveling companion Dan and I logged aprox 2,000 "Marcy Miles" in about 9 days. We met a ton of great people. Including Keely who gave us the term "Marcy Miles". Some people recognized me as the "guy from that Internet thing". That was my big thrill each evening...for someone to approach me and ask. Thank you to everyone who did, and if you are in the Northeast area and reading this, then check for me at the next show.

        What we did was not easy by any means, so I can't imagine doing it for three consecutive months. Now that they have a tour bus it may be easier on them, but before that, it seemed as if your life would be a blur of hotel rooms, long roads and unfamiliar faces.

        But through it all, Marcy Playground is the same now as it was a year ago, when the album was released on the now defunct EMI label. As far as I can see, the only difference that I see is more confidence on stage and when they play, everyone knows the words to the songs. They are more famous of course and with their faces all over MTV and other music media maybe it makes their lives a bit more complicated. I bet they wouldn't trade it for anything.

        What John, Dan and Dylan have is every young rockers dream. To ascend to stardom and reach the level they are presently at. But for some strange reason, I think that there is more in store for this trio. I see a legacy that lasts far into the future with the likes of Zeppelin and Pearl Jam. Marcy Playground is just getting started.

        I've watched and been a part of this transition over the past year from the unknown opening act to the top of the charts. People often ask what it's like to know the band and to have "talked to them". I tell them it's just like talking to a good friend. I don't see them as the stars that most perceive they are, but I do on the other hand realize it. I have to. Your reading this right now is proof of that.

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