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          Bootlegging live shows. Some find it unethical. Others consult law books, and label it illegal. Lucky for us, Marcy Playground, their management and their record label have no problem with fans taping the show. 

          Here are some guidelines and tips to remember to follow when taping shows.  Please be aware that the venue and or other muical guests may have other policy that conflicts with the Marcy Playground policy and that may cause you to be unable to tape the show.

  • Use Maxell XLII tapes. 90 minute cassettes are the standard. These are the best brand and quality for live taping. 
  • As of late, the "kibosh" has been put to plugging into an aux jack from Stephen's sound board. So this means that you will need your own recorder and mic. Do some research if you are thinking about buying equipment. There are many avenues to follow.
  • Recording right in front of an instrument speaker or monitor is not wise. You want to get a mix of the music, not just all bass or guitar. Where your ears hear a good blend is where the mic will get a good blend. Again, there are omni directional mics and mics that record only what's in front of them. Make sure you know your equipment.
  • Don't sing! From experience, your voice is never as good as John's, so don't cover his with yours...the mic WILL pick you up...unless...
  • Get the mic high above the crowd and out of the level that the mouths are at. Maybe you've seen Dead or Phish shows with the "tapers" mics looming above the crowd. 
    Information about trading and the boots that I have will be posted here in the near future. (aprox. April 1, 1998) 
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