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The Marcy Playground F.A.Q.  (Frequently Asked Questions) - and Answers by Greg

        This is where I answer the questions you may have about Marcy Playground. If I don't have the answer right away, I'll get it. Info on the band, the album, anything... If there is not a question and answer here, please e-mail me and I will do my best to answer it. Now on with the show!!!

Question 1:  Who is Sherry Fraser?

  • Sherry Fraser has a lot to do with John.  John dated Sherry between nineth grade and freshman year in college and grew very fond of her.  She is a skilled musician and good friend.  Her influences run deep in the Marcy Playground music.  The duo wrote several songs together including "Ancient Walls of Flowers".  On ZogBogBean, Sherry sung many  parts and even has several of her own compositions and interludes on it.  She did the artwork for the front cover and   back cover. The art on the back of the album entitled "Freak Face" She did all other photography with the exception of the "Marcy Street Sign"  which John took in Aberdeen WA.   See the "History" page to learn more.
Question 2:  The album is dedicated to Victor Zeuthen...Who is that?
  • Victor Zeuthen was Dylans father.  He passed away as work on this album was in progress. The date was January 20, 1995.
Question 3:  Why isn't Dan playing drums on the album, the liner notes have someone else listed?
  • What we know as the Marcy Playground album had originally been a project of John and a good friend named Jared Kotler.  The two had been friends since high school, with Jared even being best man at John's wedding.  As the recording progressed, it was decided that other individuals be brought in to play on  the album.  Dylan was brought in to fill the bass position.  Jared continued filling the drum spot.  It was not until the recording had ended that Dan was added to the line-up on drums due to conflicts between all involved.
Question 4:  Who is married and who isn't?
  • John has a lovely wife named Kristen and an infant son , Keegan ("Keegan's Christmas" is named after him)  Dan is "free as a bird" according to Dylan.  And Dylan just recently got engaged after a four year courtship.
Please write to me if you want to see a question and an answer posted here!!!  [email protected]

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