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Music Fan Clubs features all kinds of great games for our VIP Members to play! Click onto a game now to get started. Fun is our main goal at MFC, so learn how we make life a lot more fun for our Members by clicking here!

VideoGameOutfitter is the #1 source for video games. Lots of Xbox, Playstation, PS2, Game Cube, Gameboy, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, PC, Games!

Farwest TriviaFarwest Trivia has created an online trivia game revolution with it's combination of trivia, Beat the Clock, and real time chat.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Quiz GameQwizards Challenge a fun magical spellbound quiz based on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

10 Minute Music test your music knowledge 'under the gun' by identifying song clips, album covers, and bands in a limited amount of time.

Sliding Tiles Help put the mixed up photograph of your favorite musician(s) back together.

Soundbytes the ultimate challenge to all you music experts out there. We've taken the greatest music of all time and sliced it down to tiny Soundbytes to see if you can still name the title of the song.

Music Trivia Quiz Answer the toughest questions about today's hottest musicians. Have you been paying attention to the stars and know their obscure life facts?

Dave Matthews Band Quiz A quiz devoted entirely to busting your chops over the DMB.

Farwest Trivia Farwest Trivia combines the best of trivia and chat, Farwest Trivia has more than 50,000 questions about about history, sports, music, movies, and more!

Fast Times Quiz Aloha! Ever been to Ridgemont High? Ok then, prove it with this fun and challenging game.

Freeze Phraze Interactive phraze game similar to the great Wheel of Fortune.

Rewind It's a hip, hot, fast, '80s version of "Name That Tune." If you think you know anything about music, then find out just how wrong you are!

Manic Medley Try to guess the 10 songs and 10 artists from a few seconds of sound. If you're the real music fan you say you are, then you shouldn't have any problems...

Return of the Jedi Quiz Take the quiz based on the third "Star Wars" movie, "Return of the Jedi."

Save Ferris A quiz designed for stumping you on the ultimate '80s classic movie, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

Risky Business 5 days a week, this game tests your knowledge of the most obscure aspects of the '80s with a daily dose of five new timed questions.

Gremlines We give you the line from a movie, and you give us the character.

Vacation Quiz We're going to Wally World. Wanna come? This quiz is based on National Lampoon's "Vacation" and is definitely worth the trip!

Who Can It Be Now? You get a photo and some choices and have to tell us the '80s musician.

1980s Quiz A quiz stuffed with questions from the '80s.

Crossword A challenging crossword always filled with the best '80s trivia.

Takeover The object is to take over the tic-tac-toe board by correctly answering trivia questions.

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